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In a spherical world, the road never ends

The World of Orsus

This Wiki was created to hold any and all campaigns set within (or at least beginning in) Orsus. There are three major timelines available – Before the Dragon Wars, During the War, and After. At this time, The Bones of A Dead God is currently running in a time-period set After the Dragon Wars

About Orsus

Orsus is a very small planet. It is said to be both the oldest in the universe, and the newest. Scholars claim that it was this ground where the gods first stood when creating the whole of existence. Once they were done, they created life on this planet, then ascended to the other planes.

Continents of Orsus as they are known

Tolgar – The Human Continent

Tolgar was unified by King Tolgar over three-thousand years Before the Dragon Wars. Back then, all races existed on Tolgar except the Gnomes. Over time, each race divided and went on its way.

Today it is ruled by Humans with a large region of Halflings in the southeast.

Cacthal – The Western Wilds

Still very uncivilized, Cacthal is dominated mostly by Dwarves and Giants. A land in constant conflict, it is also home to Goblinoids of all kinds, Kobolds, Trolls, and Orcs in the South. After the Dragon Wars Gnomes have also arrived to tame it, settling far to the South East.

Creston – The Pirate Lands

Discovered a few hundred years after the Dragon Wars, Creston was named by a prominent human explorer employed by the king. Already inhabited by a race of more intelligent Orcs than found elsewhere, this land would evolve into a lawless but wealthy region of Humans, Orcs, and all manner of races seeking out fame and fortune.

Kagtaas – The Untamed Lands

Kagtaas was discovered within a year after Creston, and kept the name given to it by Creston Orc natives. Deemed too harsh a climate and too dangerous a land, few have really bothered to explore or tame it. It is still very much unknown.

Laresial – The Elven Lands

Little of the Elvish Lands is known to those who are not Elvish. Most only know of Lighthouse – the gigantic mercantile island metropolis, where all races are welcome. This city is the epicenter of Elvish trade, and all manner of goods from around the world (and even beyond) can be found. It is quite possibly the largest city in the world.

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