Dogma of the Dead God

The Dead God

The Great Whispering One, Granter of Whispers, The Faceless Lover, Bringer of Balance, The Deathless Sleeper, Lover of Peace, He who Remains, Reliquum (in text only)

Symbol: A mirror with a skull inside.
Portfolio: Mystery, Adventure, Chaos, Destruction, Fortune, Travel, Mischief, Extravagance, Luxury.
Alignment: True Neutral
Worshipers: Anyone who hears the whispers and believes
Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Luck, Repose, Travel, Trickery.
Due to the enigmatic nature of the Faceless Lover, many domains fall within his spectrum.
Favored Weapons: None known of – clerics of The Dead God use a vast variety of weapons and spells. Eclecticism is his weapon.

Nothing is known about the appearance of our Dead God. He speaks to us in loving Whispers, while either asleep or awake. The first Master of Bones, Torem, felt these Whispers and carried out HIS will. He has many names, but has not chosen to bless us with a name of His preference. He is called Reliquum only in text – which translates to “balance in rest” to honor His sleep. He is also called "He who Remains” to remind us that the remains of our God are still out there, and that more work remains to be done. It is blasphemy to state the name Reliquum out loud in reference to the Dead God.

Side Note: According to ancient texts, it is believed that Reliquum is the same as the Dead God, but scholars of the temple are not certain and they do not like to acknowledge this. The current accepted belief is that Reliquum and Vocanilaris both split from the Supreme God – Cogitari. To question it as a new student is met with discomfort and anger. To pursue any doubt further is to be met with punishment. This uncertainty is why we do not speek the name Reliquum out loud; in case we are incorrect in assuming His name, we would not wish to anger Him.


This world was named Orsus for balance. Vocanilaris seeks to disrupt this with her own control. The Dead God seeks to restore that balance.

The Dead God does not want supreme power over the world – merely what is His right as part of something bigger. He seeks to rule the world in concurrence with Vocanilaris, and perhaps even take her as his companion and lover. He seeks to teach her that the world cannot live with nothing but life and creation, and that to truly love the world you must also embrace death and destruction. The lion cannot live without the death of the lamb. The lion must also love the lamb for allowing the lion to continue to live. One day the lion will meet its own death, and join the lamb in peace. Only through love can we teach others the truth.

Listen to the whispers. Take care of your earthly needs so that your mind may be free to learn and focus. Take pleasure in what you can while you have it – for nothing lasts. Do not be swayed by lesser gods and petty kings. Our purpose is a higher purpose. We obey laws to keep peace, but we also do not allow them to bar our path to our God. We do not interfere in the day to day life of lesser lambs. They only exist to feed the Lion. Love them, pity them, and be grateful to them – for they will never know the glory of serving the Dead God and acting for the greater good.

Do not develop sentiments toward beings or objects, but enjoy your earthly pleasures when possible. If the body is distracted by earthly needs, the mind cannot focus. Marry if you wish, but know that all things end in death. Your first dedication is to the Dead God. Do not cloud your judgement by foolish notions of mortal devotion. The only eternal love is His love.

Afterlife – Some (but not all) followers of the dead god believe in Fiddlers Green. This has never been mentioned in whispers or texts, but is a belief adopted from the region of Creston, where the temple was founded. It is a land of eternal joy and exuberance, where the music never stops, dancers never tire, and the whores are always free.

Clergy and Temples

The only temple to the Dead God is the Temple of Whispers in the Valley of the Fallen. Temporary shrines are constructed by followers before they sleep on the road, but must always be destroyed upon waking. This serves to remind us that all things end.

Master of Bones – The High Priest. Chosen through his efforts and good deeds to the temple. Those who survive quests for bones usually aspire to this position. Others are retired Masters of Whispers. Still others may have never seen battle, dedicating their lives instead to the betterment of His work and spreading His word throughout the land.

Master of Whispers – The Book Keeper. Chosen by his dedication to the Library of Whispers. This is usually given to someone of prestige within the temple, but someone who doesn’t hear the whispers often themselves. His task is to collect the Whispers heard by Listeners and other followers of the Dead God. He notes the days and times each Whisper is heard, and writes down His message exactly.

The High Listener – The leader of other Listeners about the temple, and known for hearing the most whispers. It is his task to guide and train other Listeners at better hearing the Whispers.

The Listeners – They spend their days in contemplation. Each Listener reports their hearings to the High Listener, and in turn they collectively report their hearings to the Master of Whispers for recording. Later, they will contemplate their listening and seek enlightenment through His message.

The High Harlot – The leader of the harlots. She directs the other harlots as they serve the Listeners, Restless Ones, and other members of the temple. This serves to ease their distraction and better clear their mind in order to hear the Whispers. She will often be given as a reward to the most faithful.

The Harlots – The women of the temple. The Harlots come from all sorts of places – some are born here, others are bought as slaves. Still others journey here to become part of the temple. Some will occasionally become Listeners in their older age. Some seek to become Restless Ones. Every several years one is chosen to become the High Harlot. Love them for their service.

The Restless Ones – Those tasked with performing duties outside of the temple. They report directly to the Master of Bones. Some are tasked with recruiting, others with bone-searching. Others are given more menial tasks, such as bringing new workers to the temple, or contacting a Lost One

The Lost Ones – Those of the faith who are better served away from the temple. The Lost Ones live their lives normally, seeking to spread the faith and listen for rumors of magical bones. Some are simple peasants, while others can be lords. Every few years they will make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Whispers. In between visits, they may be contacted by a Restless One for assignments or information. Many of them tithe to the temple.

Master of Arms Captain of the guard and lead of all combat training. The Master of arms oversees the temple’s need for armor and weapons, frequently working with the Master of Accounts. He is also responsible for bringing more of a variety of combat to the Temple, and has occasionally purchased Gladiator slaves to train recruits in different styles. The diversity in training throughout the temple helps benefit all involved.

Dogma of the Dead God

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