Current Known History

Before Modern Times

This world is said to be the origin of all worlds. The oldest in the universe to exist. It was originally created to be a focal point of balance in a universe full of chaos and conflict.

The mortal races were created by their respective gods, but Cogitari claimed dominance over gods and mortals alike. It was here where Cogitari first stood, balance reigned, and life came to be.

As the worlds split and balance was in flux, Cogitari split into Creation and Destruction – Life and Death. Vocanilaris was known as Creation and Life. Reliquum was known as Destruction and Death. Horrified that Reliquum had come from the same source as it had, Vocanilaris created the powerful gem dragons to aid it, and they battled. In the end, Reliquum was destroyed, and its bones were scattered. Tired from battle, Vocanilaris slept.

Others claim that Vocanilaris triumphed over death and destruction, but she did not value true balance. Thus, the world has fallen into chaos and war. The world itself has become a pinnacle for destruction in an effort to maintain balance under the rule of Vocanilaris. Once Reliquum is restored to His glory, He in his forgiveness of her actions, will agree to reign side by side with Vocanilaris over this world, and thus return balance to its people.

The Dragon Wars

Almost one thousand years ago the world spun in chaos. Balance did not hold and magic fluctuated. The lands were in turmoil. Dragons were unleashed upon the world by the hundreds, some say through a tear in the fabric of magic. War and destruction reigned for years, just as it does now.

A champion arose with great power – some say this power was bestowed upon him by Reliquum himself. This champion banished all dragons to the outer planes, leaving only a few scattered creatures left behind. The commotion awoke and angered Vocanilaris, who then began working to obtain a permanent foothold upon the world. Starting her own church, calling herself the “duel-faced” god (no doubt for her treachery), Vocanilaris grew in power and claimed dominance over all gods and mortals, in this world and in others.

As Vocanilaris grows in power, the world falls deeper into chaos.

We must be the balance. We alone can halt this reign of destruction. We must be the force to bring peace among petty gods and their squabbles.

Today (After Dragon Wars – A.D.W.)

Today we strive for unity and balance. Ignore other gods and their pointless disputes. Do not get involved in the problems of mortal leaders and serfs. What we work for is much larger than they can ever hope to accomplish.

It is known that Reliquum is the name we small mortals have given this mighty deity. No true name has been revealed to us, and so we took a name that means “balance in rest” to honor His sleep. It also means “remains” to remind us that the remains of our God are still out there, and that more work remains to be done. Since this is a false name, it is only one we use to refer to the Dead God in histories, and not out loud. We do not with to offend our God with the wrong name. One day He will reveal His name to us.

Our dearest hope is that more of our clergy will hear Whispers, and the name of our Dead God will be revealed. We have more members than ever before, and the Whispers grow louder. Soon more bones will be revealed to us.

It was in the year 779 that the Temple of Whispers was founded. A full history of the temple can be found by following that link.

When our journey starts, it is the year 827

Current Known History

The World of Orsus Dragnmistris