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  • Orcs

    There are two main types of Orcs, those from Cacthal and those from Creston. [[File:717519 | class=media-item-align-none | 660x510px | Orogash_-_Orclands.jpg]] The Orcs from Cacthal used to dominate the land. It was they who named it Cacthal. Now …

  • Dwarves (other)

    For Cacthal Dwarves, see [[Dwarves | this]] page The Tolgarian Clans Redheart Brassheart Bronzeheart Gemfoot Ironshadow Strongshadow Grayhair Longbeard Copperpick Stonepick Bluefist Granitefist Chertfist Granitepick Firepick

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