The World of Orsus

The Long Way Around - Session 1

The beginning of our journey

Welcome to the World of Orsus!

The players begin their journey at the Temple of Whispers.

We have the following group:

Mahkdoh (Jerry) – A human male, and cleric of the Dead God.
Pe-Ling (Amanda) – A human male…. monk, with strange rituals and traditions depending on the cycle of the moon. Actual spelling of his name is Pejk-Lǫngvok
Severath (Nick) – A charming wood-elf male wizard with a love for carving staffs (giggity).
Kuma (Lisa) – A human male barbarian with a more intellectual voice than is typical for his kind.
Thorsun Dragonaxe (Paul) – A male dwarf fighter and prince of the Dragonaxe clan.
Nuada Silibar (Christian) – A male high elf rogue with shady connections to the Pirates Guild
Faenya Elohiem (Angela) – A quirky high elf druid female and daughter of the High Harlot. She might have been alone in the jungle for too long.

Everyone spent some time getting to know each other, explore the Valley of the Fallen, and meet several key members of the temple. After a week of preparation, you were all sent on a journey to find a lost bone of the Dead God. It has been 10 years since the last bone was recovered, so this will be an exciting journey for the party, and an exciting time for the temple as a whole.

It takes about seven days to travel from the Temple to the city of Myrad. The few peasants you encountered along the way were friendly at first, but then slightly wary once they discovered you were from the temple. Once at the city, you settled into an Inn called The Happy Rust Monster and set aside some time to explore. Nuada and Faenya met up with some contacts at the Pirates Guild. Severath purchased some perfume and went on a date with the shopkeeper. But then… the rest of the party (except for Mahkdoh, who onl watched) got drunk at a (usually) Orc-only bar after Pe-Ling knocked out the bouncer in one hit. Everyone woke up with hangovers.

Luckily, the ship you’ve commissioned wont leave until the evening tide. Its named the Warped Plank, and is captained by a bit of a fop named Sigmund de l’Arche. It docks early in the morning to offload its cargo and will be ready to board in the afternoon.



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