The World of Orsus

Sprung from Newspring - Session 6

Side adventures and fleeing an army

Everyone has a small side adventure in the city!

  • Severath goes through prank hell at the Tower Arcanus. The Gnomes tease him mercilessly while he goes through the pains of learning a new spell. He identifies your magical rings as Protection +2 and Swimming +5. They are then granted to Pe-ling and Thorson, respectively. Severath also has his first major whisper experience.
  • Nuada does a few side jobs for the “Merchant’s Guild” and works with Thorson to sell off your party loot. Wealth is evenly distributed after deducting the cost of spell components (for Identify) and healing potions.
  • Thorson is approached by a mysterious Gnome, who seems to feel that Thorson would be the ideal candidate to lead the Dragonaxe clan, if not all Dwarves. He’s handed a book that provides him several tips on leadership and commanding loyalty.
  • Pe-ling confesses his sins of anger to Nuada
  • Mahkdoh picks up healing potions for the party
  • Kuma restocks supplies and guards the wagon
  • Faenya disappears into nature for two weeks, comes back with more spells and a pet sparrow that nests in her hair. Its name is Sparrow.

Everyone gained a bonus 300 xp from their side adventures

Through various sources, it seems to be confirmed that an Orc-lead Kobold army is headed for the city. Farmers and refugees are pouring in more every day, and the permit office is badly overworked. Regulations are being relaxed slightly in order to allow as many people in as possible. There are still major portions of the population who believe this to be a minor threat, as the Gnomes have never faced a major confrontation in the 800 years they’ve been in the material plane. They’ve become slightly complacent in their comfort and security.

The party decides to leave before the army arrives. The Whispers and Bone Token seem to be pointing everyone west, although the token also points north-west. Mahkdoh has discovered that the bones in your possession wont interfere with the token so long as he’s holding them somehow.

Everyone makes their way up the northern road and into Dwarvish lands. This is a largely neutral area, and sheltered from any of the inner-clan wars, so Thorson’s presence would not be seen as a threat. Nevertheless, he adopts a bit of a disguise, dying his hair and taking a pseudonym. Its feared that his presence would cause political issues should be be discovered in a rival’ clans lands, so the party agrees to pass through neutral territory and into the Kobold lands instead.

The trek through Dwarvish country takes about a month. The land is fertile here, and rations aren’t much needed between Faenya’s ability to forage and (occasionally) hunt. Dwarvish patrols are common as you skirt the border, but mostly they just spot you, check in, and leave you be. The party informs any patrols that you’re all on a religious pilgrimage, but everyone is getting a bit tired at all of the comments on how “eclectic of a group they are” to be in this region. Sometimes the elves in particular are seen with suspicion, but thats about as confrontational as it gets.

News from the patrols on Newspring, is that Orcs and Kobolds have laid siege to the walls of the outer city. Horrible reports have come in: all farmland to the west has been burned and salted, and the bodies of gnomish farmers are being flung into the city with crude trebuchets. Gnomish defenses appear to be adequate against any heavier projectiles from the trebuchets, but they’re starting to weaken. Spellcasters make their rounds on the army from the outer wall, but for every 100 orcs or Kobolds killed, 200 more move to fill the space. Its the size of the army that’s most intimidating of all, and the Gnomes have sent requests for aid to all other goodly races. With everyone else being occupied in their own conflicts, there isn’t much hope of reinforcements.

Nevertheless, the party continues. Stepping into Kobold territory, there is an immediate change in the landscape. Lush rolling hills and valleys occasionally dotted with Dwarven farms have become barren flatland. What was once an extension of the Giuthais Forest, have become fields of tree-stumps for miles. The dusty terrain is devoid of most plant-life save a few dry shrubs and wilted-looking grass. Faenya is heartbroken.

The Kobolds don’t waste time in discovering and attacking the party. A fairly large patrol spotted everyone and whooped and hollered while charging to attack. They were decimated, and for a full week after that, Kobolds would watch you warily from a distance, but never attack.

After leaving the stump forest, the terrain slowly shifts into a dry savanna. The occasional tree dots the landscape, and small ponds are your only source of water. On a few occasions, Faenya or Mahkdoh are forced to conjure water in order to maintain your supply.

At one point the party is attacked in the night by a slightly stronger group of Kobolds, this time lead by an Orc. The Orcs in this region are pale compared to the Orcs you know in Creston. Everything about them just looks “dumber” than your friends and comrades back home, and they’re definitely far less civilized. Nuada is pelted with a few arrows, but makes it through to kill his share of enemies. In the end there were no survivors.

Two days later, an orc riding a dire boar is spotted. He gave a blast of his hunting horn, then charged at the party. Nuada and Faenya managed to slay the orc by bow before he even got close. However, the boar, having been spurred by his rider, continued to charge at the party.

Pe-ling set his spear against the charge, but was new to the experience and instead jumped aside from the charging beast. Luckily, he wasn’t hit. The boar ferociously thrust its tusks at anyone in front of it. Pe-ling was decently injured, but in the end the boar was defeated, taking a total of 66 damage.

Game ended; everyone nervous about what might have heard that rider’s hunting horn.

Everyone gained 700 xp from combat.



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