The World of Orsus

Savanna Fare You Well - Session 7

Players cross the orcish savanna

It’s such a fragile magic
A puff of wind can break the spell
And all the golden threads are frail as spider webs
Savannah fare you well

This session was relatively short.

Not long after the boar was killed, another set of orcs made their attack. Spurred by the boar-rider’s horn call, ten orcs charge up toward the party. Luckily, everyone had time to set a defensible area first.

A small crack in the land afforded some cover while those more melee-inclined stepped forward. It was then that Faenya cast Entangle and grabbed most of the orcs. That was no problem for the archers, who stood there and pelted everyone with arrows (albeit somewhat ineffectively). Nuada and Severath shot at the archers with their own bows, and Pe-ling used a sling. Most of the archers were taken out while the melee orcs worked their way out of the entangle. Pe-ling went to poke an orc with his spear, but fumbled. The orc grabbed his spear and tossed it into the entangle behind him. Luckily, Pe-Ling was able to take him out with one hit.

After the battle, two of the orcs were stabilized and questioned. Most of the orcs look extremely young, with two of them being a bit old and grizzled. The young one refused to help at all, and seemed unafraid of death. The party had mixed feelings on torture for information, so they just killed him when he wasn’t useful. Lol.
The other orc managed to hold a small conversation with the party, but told everyone that they would find no safe passage. As a point of honor, the orcs would refuse to let them pass, no matter how peaceful their intentions. He was left behind, tied up to a tree.

Some days later, three well-trained orcs set upon the party while they were sleeping. One of them shot off multiple arrows, while the others wielded both a short sword and dagger. Nuada spotted them approaching, and called out to wake everyone up. A quick battle insured where Faenya became badly injured, but Mahkdoh stood behind and kept her health above zero. Eventually the orcs were dispatched.

As the party continues moving through Orcish lands, surface villages and roads are seen from a distance. More than once the party finds themselves following a rough dirt road through an ever-greener landscape. At one point the party pauses on the road to discuss which direction to go, and an orc driving a cart pulled by boars comes by. Its a grizzled old orc, who turns to look at everyone curiously. Nuada gruffly tells him to move on and mind his own business. The orc starts grumbling to himself about how rude folks are these days, and what business humans have telling him what to do. All the same, he gets his cart going down the road again, mumbling to himself all the while.

Shortly after, the party reaches a hillside entrance. Its a very strange hill – and looks like its been pushed out of the earth by the hand of a god. The entrance looks to be a solid wooden door flanked by two humanoid statues. There is a stone pen just outside the doorway that looks like a pen for beasts. Several shallow pits look to have been dug into the ground nearby, though its hard to tell what purpose they have. Several Orcs stand guard outside the entrance, on top of the hill.

The party walks a perimeter, verifying that this is where one of the bones seems to be. Nuada scouts on top of the hill, but cant get close enough to see whats in the pen.

Here is where the party pauses, to determine their next course of action.



Here’s the party loot thus far: Loot

Savanna Fare You Well - Session 7

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