The Warped Plank

The ship is one of the prettiest Tolgarian human vessels you’ll see. Made of fine polished white birch from the Sunsea Valley in Tolgar, its carved with an all-too busty mermaid as the figurehead, and enchanted to appear always clean and perfect with live seaweed for her hair.


Sigmund de’Larche.

A very pretty human man, he keeps his curly blonde hair very clean and he always smells of perfume. He dabbles a bit in sorcery, and frequently uses cantrips to keep his clothing pristine.

Hes a jovial captain and fiercely loyal to his crew. However he’s also ruthless about slackers and wont hesitate to dispose of anyone not pulling their weight. He has a weakness for beautiful and exotic women, and the rumor is- occasionally men. He feels that female pirates are wasting their talents – talents that can be better put to use serving him. He loves stories about mermaids.

Known for pirating vessels around the Catpaw Isles, he’ll usually only kill those who resist. After the goods are removed, he’ll send the crew on their way. He doesn’t like to deal in slave trade – not for the morality, but because he doesn’t like the stink and upkeep.

Other Crew:

Anywhere between 20-35 men at a time.

Most of the crew are from South-Eastern Tolgar

Navigator: Ladislas Bain – A halfelven man with suspicious nature. His name is a butchered combination of a human and elvish name.
Quartermaster/First Mate: Max Bescond – A human man with an apathetic attitude toward life. Very nihilistic
Boatswain: Laurent “Ropecutter” Hérisson – annoyed at how pretty the ship is kept through magic, since it makes it difficult to spot real flaws.
Master Gunner: Olivier Moitessier
Cooper/Carpenter: Gabriel Devereux
Cook, also doubles as the Doctor: Aubin Jauffret
Musician: Vast – a gnome bard just recently employed – this is his first trip aboard the Warped Plank
Lookout: Arsène Brochard
Cabin Boy and night lookout – Ekon

The Warped Plank

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