The Sun-Sea Valley

Home to the first temple to Apollo as well as the first temple to Poseidon. Located the furthest south-east on Tolgar, this valley holds the thriving city of Pel’eo.

As the road stretches out before you with the scent of the sea to your right, and rice fields to your left. Further south below the Shining River lie the coco and reed fields, supplying chocolate and paper to a huge portion of Tolgar’s population.

The Star Forest is regularly supplied with foxes and pheasants, as well as other sport hunting animals for the rich elite. Besides that, the area is largely devoid of any large wildlife due to the large human population that regularly walks through.

Locations of note

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Poseidon

Turtle doves – Common inn
The Golden Anchor – luxury inn
The Mouth of Poseidon – a luxury tavern
Tridant’s – rough tavern

Charlemagne’ Chocolates
Tom’s Grainery and supply store
The Violet Quill – parchment and scribe shop
The Lovers’ Quarrel – Crossbow and bow store
Heros Horology and Clockmaker – combines gnomish mechanisms with Tolgarian woodcarving to make beautiful clocks

Also home to multiple colleges and artistic shops

The Sun-Sea Valley

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