There are two main types of Orcs, those from Cacthal and those from Creston.


The Orcs from Cacthal used to dominate the land. It was they who named it Cacthal. Now they’ve mostly settled in the southwestern lands, calling it Orogash. Its a barren savanna and desert, with only one major river and dotted lakes throughout the grasslands. A smaller forest sits to the south, but with the Orc’s greed its getting smaller every year. A salt flat rests at the base of the western mountains, with very few orcs living nearby. Smaller villages are built on the surface around the savanna lakes lakes, farming the land for corn and beans. These are sent west to the desert, where most orcs live underground and mine the local minerals. Orcs along the southern forest work on hacking it away, providing lumber to most of the country.

In Orcish culture, its degrading to do “normal” day to day work. Those put in charge of lumber or farming, constantly seek a way out. More and more, Kobold slaves are put in charge of these tasks, allow orcs to focus on strength and the glory of combat.


The World of Orsus Dragnmistris