A fair-sized town on the west coast. Its very typical of this area, and is a key trading post to the islands. Its crime-filled and run on the back of slaves, but the residents seem content with their lifestyle. Just on the edge of the desert, its also seen as a waypoint for anyone heading north for caravaning, or south for exploring the jungle.

Poverty is fairly rampant here. About 75% of the population is considered severely poor. What work available is whenever ships come to port and need help loading or unloading. 20% of the population is considered middle class, and has sustainable work (those who run shops, usually). And 5% of the population is exceedingly wealthy.

The houses are squat and made of sandstone and mud. Local Hajan wood is very exotic and more worth exporting than wasting on building homes. There are some wood supports seen in middle to upperclass homes, but oil palms are also a common tree in this region, and are usually used as lumber.

The current Pasha of Myrad is named Rowen Dyel


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