The City of Light. The Beacon City. Some even call it the City of Opportunity, for everything it opens to those who are willing to put in the work.

Lighthouse has a population of roughly 210,000 citizens, but adds roughly 90,000 in travelers at any given time. Its roughly 9 miles long at its furthest length, and takes 3 hours to cross on foot. Its width is about 3 miles and takes about an hour to cross. Its so massive, its split up into 22 different wards, also called districts. Each one has a specific purpose toward the functionality of the city.

The Travelers Ward

In the center of the city. This ward is for anyone who is coming or going. Where all the best and worst inns are in the city, and where anyone can direct you around the city for a price.

The Embassy Ward – a smaller section in the Travelers District. For all visiting dignitaries and their constituents.

The Ward of Commerce

The International Market District – mostly for mass trade and bulk distribution.

The Warehouse Ward

Where the majority of the cities granaries and storage houses are. Its a bit of a shady place.

The Angler Ward

The Fishing District.
Those who fish for a living have a district of their own, if for no other reason than to keep the stench away from the rest of the city. This district is responsible for the farming of all sea life, fish, mollusks, and various underwater plants. You’ll also see a fair share of seedy taverns and unsavory characters.

The Vine Ward

This whole side of the island is dedicated to the production and distribution of Lighthouse Wine. Smaller farms will grow local vegetables, fruits, and keep milk-bearing animals for cheese and meat.

The East Market

The larger market district on the island. If you want it, it exists here.

The West Market

The smaller market, but only compared to the east market. Here you’ll find more common goods and grocers.

The Arcane Ward

The ward for anything related to the arcane arts.

The Garden Ward

This section is filled with vast gardens of all varieties. It even includes a small forest.

The Performance Ward

Home to artists, jugglers, dancers, and the like. Also known for housing the Ohtareska coliseum.

The Guild Ward

For any and all professional organizations. The Merchants Guild, Baker’s Guild, Rogues Guild, Miners union, and more.

The Civic Ward

For all governmental buildings.

The Ward of Industry

Where most professionals work outside of conventional shops. Here you’ll find contractors, masons, shipwrights, tanners and other services.

The Garrison

The cities’ guard ward and standing military encampment.

The Ward of Education

For any school that wouldn’t properly fit in another ward (arcane, etc).

The Ward of Salvation

The Divine District. Also known as The Street of Sorrows to the locals. One cannot go 5 feet without hearing “The end is near!”

The Ward of Peace

The wealthiest residential district, home to large estates. Mostly elves and a few humans live here.

The Ward of Joy

A mostly middleclass neighborhood and largest city ward. This ward is separated into several smaller districts according to race. If ever asked about the racial segregation, the typical response is “everyone prefers it that way”

The Earth – Elves. Definitely a better-kept neighborhood than the others.
The Hammer – Humans
The Stone – Dwarves
The Wagon – Halflings
The Gear – Gnomes

The Ward of Protection

The district for the poorest in the city. Also called the Slum Ward by the locals. All manner of races live here, from elves to orcs. Most who move here for the first time start out in the Ward of Protection. Only a few manage to work their way up.

The Outer Ward

A separate slum. Mostly for the severely impoverished and very odd races. Most of the cities goblin population live here.

The Blood Ward – where the bulk of the cities’ Orc population lives.
The Spear Ward – a section of the outer ward taken up by goblins.

The Waterfront Ward

A hastily built section of apartment buildings, constructed at a time where there was a larger population influx.

The Mining Ward

This ward is mostly underground. The only metal Lighthouse produces at the moment is copper. Mostly the mines are known for quarrying a lot of fine limestone and high quality slate. Turquoise is a common stone as well, as are shell fossils and Ammolite.


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