The Western Wilds

Still very uncivilized, Cacthal is mostly dominated by the bestial races. Orcs, Goblinoids of all kinds, Kobolds, Trolls, and even Giants. Dwarves have also largely settled the regions central lands, and after the Dragon Wars Gnomes have settled in the southeastern corner

Mountains dominate large portions of this continent, but the rest varies. Wild jungles abound to the west. Large swaths of forest cover the mid-south, and even further south of that lies the Hathak-tal Savanas and . To the east are rolling plains of grass with smaller patches of exceedingly tall forests near the coastline. The north is nothing but rocky brush, followed by a dense layer of forest far north and well past the snowline.


The Gnomish Lands


Kobold Lands


Orcish Lands


Dwarvish Lands


Land of the Trolls

Ukjent Skog

These woods have many names depending on the creature you ask, but most know it by its Dwarven name : Ukjent Skog – the Unknown Woods


The Southern Barbarian tribes were conquered years ago by the Baronsfolk people from Tolgar. The Baronsfolk have since (unofficially) given up their once-claimed lands, but left behind remnants of a more “sophisticated” civilization that the tribes were keen to adapt to their needs.

The Kordian folk are named for their worship of the god Kord. They value strength, honor, and are very protective of their traditions. A wandering people, they believe farming the land keeps you tied to one location, and that leaves you weak and vulnerable. Whole villages of hundreds of people have been known to get up and move camp, leaving very little trace behind.


The Northern Barbarian tribes are a different sort of folk. They too value strength and tradition, but their worship of Erythnul makes them cruel and sadistic. Its this cruelty that has allowed them to survive the harsh northern climate, and beat back the equally ruthless goblinoid races. It is said that even the giants hesitate to quarrel with them.


While goblins of all kinds are spread widely across Cacthal, their highest concentration is here. All manner of Goblins, Hobgoblins, and a few remaining Bugbear tribes have condensed into one region. No one really knows how they’ve worked together for so long, but rumors say they have a semblance of a society put-putting along, and that it’s allowed them to maintain a stable land of their own.


Last but not least, the lands of the Giants. All manner of giants are spread across this land, each setting in an area that befits their culture most. The far eastern region is also home to most of this continent’s bugbear population; they have moved beyond of the (admittedly fuzzy) barrier of the Floobzurg lands.


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