The Western Wilds

Still very uncivilized, Cacthal is dominated by Orcs. A land in constant conflict, it is also home to Goblinoids of all kinds, Kobolds, and even Giants. Dwarves have also largely settled here toward the south, and after the Dragon Wars Gnomes have also arrived to tame it.


Brief History

Climate and Geography

Mountains dominate large portions of this continent, but the rest varies. Wild jungles abound to the west. Large swaths of forest cover the mid-south, and even further south of that lies the Hathak-tal Savanas. To the east are rolling plains of grass with smaller patches of exceedingly tall forests near the coastline. The north is nothing but rocky brush, followed by a dense layer of forest far north and well past the snowline.

Political Structure


Economy, coinage, and trade



The World of Orsus Dragnmistris