The World of Orsus

Its a Vast World - Session 2
Adventures aboard the Warped Plank

The party regroups the following day in Myrad.

As everyone marched down to the docs, it was clear which ship they were heading to. The Warped Plank is a ship unlike any other – built of bright white birch and brilliant sails, with a busty mermaid carved into the front. Its captain, Sigmund De l’Arche is an ostentatious man with a love of finer things.

Its going to be an interesting two months.

Initially there is a bit of conflict with the Navigator: Ladislas Bain, usually known as Ladi. He refuses to let the two Donkeys aboard, but with a little convincing and a lot of grain purchased at the last minute, they’re stowed down in the hold.

Everyone makes it aboard in time for departure, and gets to know the crew over the next few weeks. Everyone is put to work in some way, and most folks take turns at night to entertain the crew.

Vast is employed as the ships Bard, and regularly plays music or tells stories. He’s full of information about the Gnomish city of Newspring, and happily shares. Nuada and Thorsun both take turns entertaining the crew as well – Nuada with his flute and Thorsun with his Dwarvish Songs. Pe-Ling regails people with a few stories of his hero, Magnus, and Mahkdoh occasionally gives sermons of the Dead God.

After a month at sea, the ship pauses to re-stock in The Sun-Sea Valley. Everyone enjoys a pleasant respite from the crowded ship. Though its always enchanted to appear clean, the confinement can be exhausting enough on its own.

Three days away from from Tolgar, shit hits the fan.

Now, most of the party had seen the odd rat on the ship – thats fairly normal. However, with the cleanliness of the captain and the presence of the clean illusion, it does seem a bit odd. Faenya is even seen chatting with one in the hold.

But on the evening of the third day, Faenya walks up to the deck, calls everyone to attention, and suddenly a flood of rats spill out onto the deck. Everyone is immediately on guard and begins fighting them off. An apparent “lead” rat calls out to the captain, proclaiming that the ship now belongs to him.

The party fights off the rats, taking minimal damage. After multiple chunks of the swarm have been killed off, the leader screams out in frustration and dives back into a hole near the wheel. Faenya managed to calm a few of the rats, who then began to cling to her. The party proceeds to scour the whole ship, looking for their nest. Mahkdoh accuses Faenya of causing the problem, and she gets locked into the brig.

Faenya is questioned, and in between sobs she confesses that she knew about rats in the ship, but not that many. The party convinces the captain to lift the illusion spell, and the truth of the ship is revealed. Its somewhat of a mess in the hold, with rat poop everywhere and a good chunk of grain missing from the donkey’s pile.

Kuma had found a “rat trail” leading to a hole in the navigation room. He swung his axe a few times to bust open the side of the ship and get to it. Unfortunately, all he managed to do was tear a map and piss off the navigator.

Eventually a truce was established with the rats through the help of Faenya. The rats would be dumped off at an island somewhere off the coast of Tolgar. All of the rats.

The party spends all of that night cleaning the ship, making repairs, and avoiding the furious captain.

A few more days pass before an adequate island is found. Faenya is forced to stay in the brig the whole time, but after the first hour of sobbing she seems mostly unperturbed by it. The rats march out onto one of the life boats, then Faenya and Kuma row them out. There is some talk of setting the life boats on fire as its rowing the creatures out, but in the end it wasn’t worth the trouble.

The Long Way Around - Session 1
The beginning of our journey

Welcome to the World of Orsus!

The players begin their journey at the Temple of Whispers.

We have the following group:

Mahkdoh (Jerry) – A human male, and cleric of the Dead God.
Pe-Ling (Amanda) – A human male…. monk, with strange rituals and traditions depending on the cycle of the moon. Actual spelling of his name is Pejk-Lǫngvok
Severath (Nick) – A charming wood-elf male wizard with a love for carving staffs (giggity).
Kuma (Lisa) – A human male barbarian with a more intellectual voice than is typical for his kind.
Thorsun Dragonaxe (Paul) – A male dwarf fighter and prince of the Dragonaxe clan.
Nuada Silibar (Christian) – A male high elf rogue with shady connections to the Pirates Guild
Faenya Elohiem (Angela) – A quirky high elf druid female and daughter of the High Harlot. She might have been alone in the jungle for too long.

Everyone spent some time getting to know each other, explore the Valley of the Fallen, and meet several key members of the temple. After a week of preparation, you were all sent on a journey to find a lost bone of the Dead God. It has been 10 years since the last bone was recovered, so this will be an exciting journey for the party, and an exciting time for the temple as a whole.

It takes about seven days to travel from the Temple to the city of Myrad. The few peasants you encountered along the way were friendly at first, but then slightly wary once they discovered you were from the temple. Once at the city, you settled into an Inn called The Happy Rust Monster and set aside some time to explore. Nuada and Faenya met up with some contacts at the Pirates Guild. Severath purchased some perfume and went on a date with the shopkeeper. But then… the rest of the party (except for Mahkdoh, who onl watched) got drunk at a (usually) Orc-only bar after Pe-Ling knocked out the bouncer in one hit. Everyone woke up with hangovers.

Luckily, the ship you’ve commissioned wont leave until the evening tide. Its named the Warped Plank, and is captained by a bit of a fop named Sigmund de l’Arche. It docks early in the morning to offload its cargo and will be ready to board in the afternoon.


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