Pe Ling

Amanda's Character in BDG


First name – Pe Ling
Middle name – (no middle name)
Surname – No surname, is typically called by his first name + village or first name + monastery
Pe Ling of Zhurshu Ma (his village)
Pe Ling of Appleblossom (his monastery)
Ghongha Kila (Pe Ling doesn’t know this is HIS nickname, see notes)
“Dumb Pe Ling” (nobody tends to use this one and live, see notes)

Race/Class: Male Human Barbarian, may later splash monk
Appearance: A portly BIG guy with shaved hair and clean shaven face. He wears garments of a very panes grey (i.e. a bluish grey) with white-ish accents (such as the wraps on his arms/hands).
Weapons: Long Spear – though not used AS a weapon – could be improvised into a blunt simple weapon. His fists are also his weapon.


The Rejected Monk
Barbarian who grew up training to be a monk but was………….not very good at it…because barbarian yo. BUT he doesn’t realize that. His monastery was too polite / didn’t think it was their place to tell him that he was “doin it wrong” because ‘everybody’s path is their own’. So this guy goes around enacting monk teachings in the most low intelligence barbarian way possible XD Example: instead of a flurry of blows using monkly dexterity, he does a flurry of punching shit in the face with brute force. When he rages out, he takes time afterwards to reflect on his rage. He says wise monkly sayings, yet in dumb barbarian speak. He doesn’t fear death because life is impermanent, so he makes rash barbariany choices in the face of battle compared to a typical intelligent and more thoughtful true “monk”.

He has recently come to the temple as part of his “seeking his own path”, but is not opposed to joining the faith of the dead god. Because everyone keeps talking about whispers, he is now always listening/looking around for them even though he’s never actually heard them. Sometimes he mistakes things as the whispers when they’re totally 100% NOT the whispers, just coincidences or even misinterpretations on his part.

Sacred animal: the snail. He has a variety of reactions and auspices related to snails, as well as snail stories, snail meditations, and snail emulations (details further below).

He has taken a vow of cleanliness, and for his size and barbarian nature, is somewhat fastidious. This vow provides no in game benefits and is expressly roleplay focused. (details further below)

There are several other respected tenants revolving around the Hand as a symbol. Many of the tenants Pe Ling tries to follow, though not always successfully (details furthe below)

There are several holy days and holidays that Pe Ling observes, as well as a few superstitions. (details further below)

Pe ling has a drawing of Magnus that someone gave him. Its a handsome and buff guy that kinda looks like you. In fact, he was gesturing that”this is you” but didn’t speak the same language so Pe ling thought the guy was just giving him the drawing.

Pe Ling

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