Jerry's Character in BDG


Mahkdoh was born and raised in the Hajan Jungle, but was sold by his family to a Pasha to assist with the Pasha’s travels through Creston. Along the way, he learned a lot about research and travel. When his Pasha was killed by drunken orcs, he was scripted into a local militia, and eventually found himself in a large war in which he cared little for either side. However, he trained as a combat healer, and put it to good use.

His healing ability and ability to travel well has caused him to lead a somewhat nomadic life. He traveled to the Temple of Whispers while researching the balance of Orcus, and currently supports the Dead God. While he isn’t particularly pious, he isn’t a nonbeliever, either. Rather, he prefers an academic rather than emotional connection to religion, and understands how important religion is to a properly-functioning world.

He strongly dislikes people being abused or mistreated, but understands the code of combat. He is gruff but fair, smart and well-read, tough and able to endure the wild. He bristles at commands which make no sense, and leaders which fail in their duties.


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