A mad female kobold


Jax is a very emaciated looking kobold in poor health wearing brilliant red robes. Ever since Kurtulmak chose her, the others have come to rely on her premonitions. Over time she became prone to religious fits and foaming at the mouth. After her fits she would proclaim something new the kobolds should do in order to expand their glory. Once the other kobolds realized this, they started making potions for her to drink in order to induce fits and get more premonitions. If she didn’t have a premonition after a fit, they would make her drink more. In order to prevent this, she started making up premonitions so they would leave her alone. Most of the time these potions make her ill.

Her skin is a lighter red compared to the others, but extremely dark in between her scales – giving the impression of a black fire. She has the occasional eye twitch, and she tends to gesture a lot with her hands when she speaks.


Jax was once a miner, who found the bones in a wooden box while digging one day. From the moment she picked up the box she began to hear voices giving her specific commands. Heading the voice, she applied to the priesthood and discovered she was blessed by their god Kurtulmak.


The World of Orsus Dragnmistris